"It is now more important than ever to understand the importance of the close cross fertilization that occurs among dermatology, dermatopathology and industry. In order to plan optimal treatment and provide the best patient care, correlation between dermatologist and pathologist is crucial.


In this ever changing field, clinicopathologic correlation also helps to guide research, new drugs and device product development within dermatology."


We hope you will join us in Vail for a dynamic meeting unlike any other!

- Clay Cockerell, MD

Here is what a few attendees had to say about the symposium:


Outdoor Learning | CME Hike

Dr. James Allred leads the nation's only dermatological CME hike in Vail, CO.  Learning can be fun!

Practical Symposium

The View

We are back in the Vail for 2021!

2021 Vail - Non Early Bird