Brad Bakotic, DPM, DO

Rhett Foundation, Founder

Atlanta, GA



Bradley W. Bakotic, DPM, DO graduated valedictorian from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in 1992. He continued on to matriculate cum laude from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995. After completing a composite pathology residency at Tufts Medical School and the University of Miami, he traveled to New York where he completed fellowship training in oncologic surgical pathology and dermatopathology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Columbia University, respectively. He practiced surgical pathology for seven years prior to cofounding Bako Pathology Services in 2008 with Joseph Hackel, MD. Over years, his financial and non-financial support of the podiatric profession has been unparalleled; teaching dermatology and pathology at various podiatric medical schools, personally teaching over 300 residents, and providing CME lectures throughout the country, always without a charge. It is in this altruistic spirit that the Rhett Foundation was born.

Practical Symposium 2022 | Beaver Creek, CO